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  1. Invalidating my gender identity
  2. Gender is confusing :/
  3. Can you identify with this?: any feedback or input welcome
  4. ..ineffective hrt~!?
  5. I'm really confused... :(
  6. Physical Dys-/Euphoria? Disassociation? Or am I just thinking too hard on this?
  7. Hormones affecting gender?
  8. Deepening voice exercises that work??
  9. Struggling with myself
  10. still want to change my Unisex name
  11. What am I?
  12. Am I a boy or a girl?
  13. Packing STPs
  14. Androgynous?
  15. Scared and worried about life as a transman
  16. Need help with my name? :)
  17. I think I want to be a boy
  18. Difference between "chaser" and attraction?
  19. Androgynous male?
  20. Gender confusion about sex
  21. Am I really trans
  22. Body dysphoria vs body insecurity
  23. Questions about online dating (transgender and urgent
  24. Super super confused
  25. I don't know. What do you think?
  26. Questioning Gender?
  27. I'm just trying to understand
  28. Mtf??? Am I really trans???
  29. Can't figure out my gender
  30. FtM - ageing and looking more female
  31. Sexual abuse and my gender identity
  32. Sick of trying and being transgender
  33. Um, what does it all mean??
  34. I need some gender advice?
  35. Back to Questioning
  36. Gender help
  37. Confused about my gender
  38. Trans and sex
  39. Am I Lying to Myself and Infiltrating A Community that Isn't Mine?
  40. FtM, agender, trigender?
  41. Is this view normal?
  42. I give up
  43. Androgynous or trans?
  44. I want to be feminine.
  45. Maintaining friendships when you are trans
  46. What if I'm delusional?
  47. Freaking out...am I actually cis?
  48. how do i know if i'm trans or just androgynous? help!
  49. Neutrois, genderfluid or FTM?
  50. My gender and other issues. Oh no. Help me?
  51. What is my gender?
  52. Testosterone and supplements...
  53. i don't know my gender!!
  54. Advice on my name?
  55. Gender confusion
  56. I think I'm trans? (+ fears about transitioning)
  57. I think I am trans
  58. Because I'm a "girl"
  59. dysphoria feeling when being called someone's girlfriend?
  60. Transitioning Practicalities
  61. Breast form question/concern
  62. Am I bigender or FTM?
  63. Questioning my gender -dot points
  64. I'm so confused
  65. I'm so confused
  66. Tell me what this is...
  67. Pangender or nonconforming?
  68. Stp and packing
  69. Trans Confessions
  70. Sometimes wish I was a lesbian?
  71. Feel like I'm dying
  72. I just want to die
  73. I want to be male but I'm not?
  74. I don't want to be genderqueer
  75. Feeling lost and disconnected; don't recognise myself anymore
  76. I wish
  77. Help me with my name?
  78. How to have a relationship as a gay trans man
  79. How do I know my gender?
  80. What gender am I? :)
  81. I might be experiencing dysphoria?
  82. At home work out advice, I beg please.
  83. Height dysphoria
  84. The Science
  85. What is this called?
  86. Nothing but a sad dream
  87. Is this just curiousity or something else?
  88. Name help?
  89. How to deal with the hate and ignorance
  90. Scared of having periods :(
  91. Handwriting
  92. Kind of questioning again...advice?
  93. Really want to wear boys' uniform?
  94. i don't know who i am.. help!
  95. Feeling like my gender expression/interests invalidate my gender identity
  96. Trans guy comfortable in female bathrooms
  97. how do you know you've chosen the right name?
  98. Did bullying affect the way I identify my gender
  99. Are my fears rational?
  100. If I came out
  101. How to be genderqueer
  102. Am I trans or...? (Trans "enough"?)
  103. Binding/packing in airports and on planes
  104. Need A Little Adive (a little long but please read)
  105. Am I genderfluid or is it just my gender expression/insecurities?
  106. Just what?!
  107. Questions for genderfluid or bigender people
  108. Internal voice
  109. Is this normal?
  110. Fragmented and conflicting identity?
  111. A journalist has asked me about my perspective on non-binary gender
  112. I need help figuring it out.
  113. Hormones make me depressed.
  114. Am I trans?
  115. Pronouns for Genderfluid People
  116. What am I?
  117. i'm ignorant and want to understand. gender identity/expression
  118. Scared and confused
  119. I don't fit into 'butch' or 'femme' labels
  120. If I focus on the effects
  121. trans man or masculine woman?
  122. a question about identity
  123. Pronouns?
  124. MtF HRT: When do ejaculations reduce/stop?
  125. Can realising your gender change (your perception of) your sexuality?
  126. What am I?
  127. How do I know this is real?
  128. Does anyone else who identifies as transgender have BPD symptoms?
  129. Just want to die
  130. Queer?
  131. Wierd expression problem
  132. Gender is confusing!
  133. Non-Binary & Lesbian/Dysphoria help
  134. Prostitution and being trans
  135. question for MTF, RE; sex...
  136. trouble with gender
  137. Do I have a gender?
  138. Heartbroken over something stupid
  139. Next Step Out?
  140. Can't see myself ever having a relationship because of my gender ID
  141. What makes my feelings and desires meaningful?
  142. I'm so confused :/
  143. Anyone + non-binary (any)sexual people: Random Questions :S
  144. Don't know what's right for me
  145. my mom wants me to change my name
  146. Certain people on Tumblr
  147. Male or non-binary?
  148. Will my plan work?
  149. Help
  150. Butch?
  151. Iím afraid Iím not woman enough for other lesbians
  152. Expressing gender identity
  153. I hate my body so much.
  154. question for singers on T
  155. How to feel about past sexual abuse? (Trigger warning)
  156. Sort of okay, sort of not?
  157. Scared to lift the lid
  158. Dysphoria and Doubting
  159. Thought I was a trans boy, but now...
  160. Doubting once again.
  161. To T or not to T.....
  162. Not Trans Enough
  163. Sadness
  164. Do my parents need to know?
  165. What makes someone trans?
  166. Am I making sense?
  167. Name change question
  168. Isn't it incredibly dangerous for non-passing trans guys to use the men's?
  169. The Vent Thread
  170. Types of dysphoria/how to cope
  171. gender dysphoria but not embracing being trans or transition?
  172. Questions about T
  173. Less trans?
  174. Everything feels wrong and Iím so resigned
  175. Non binary dating site question
  176. Scared to go to school
  177. Emotional day because of a stupid haircut.
  178. What's the Difference Between a Chaser and Someone Who Just Appreciates Transpeople?
  179. Agender? [List]
  180. What am I?
  181. Unreasonable feelings towards women
  182. Does this sound harsh?
  183. I feel guilty
  184. Really weird and frightening experience with dysphoria
  185. An awkward dilemma
  186. Being Trans/Non-Binary in Sports?
  187. Orchestra Dress ehhhhgg
  188. Trans without dysphoria
  189. A little confused
  190. How to survive if I transition?
  191. Not a feminine guy. Now what?
  192. Feel like a transboy but not enough?
  193. My friend
  194. I'm really confused...!
  195. I both am and am not ftm trans?
  196. How to look androgynous with a male body
  197. My mum offered me help, how can I accept?
  198. Are these feelings gender dysphoria?
  199. Early morning thoughts
  200. Feeling stuck (advice/ideas welcome)
  201. Can't figure out my gender
  202. Feminine side coming out - too old for this
  203. The shame of femininity
  204. Androgynous trans guy hair?
  205. Doubt
  206. How to ever know for sure?
  207. Trans guy or bigender / genderfluid?
  208. transphobic mental health professionals
  209. Transgender and non-binary expression support [13-16 year olds].
  210. How do you know if youíre a binary trans guy/girl or nonbinary?
  211. Buying clothing
  212. Does all this doubt mean I'm not actually
  213. Crossdressing trans guy?
  214. Too feminine as a male name or not?
  215. Frusterated. Non-op, non-T guy
  216. Gender neutral/boy's names from Harriet?
  217. Help
  218. What is this?
  219. Concert bathrooms
  220. How do I get over this?
  221. I don't want to be transgender anymore
  222. name help?
  223. I hate being trans...
  224. I'm so lost (gender neutral)
  225. FTM: Binding with larger bust size
  226. terrified of being trans :(
  227. Feeling extremely upset and frustrated :(
  228. Non-binary label help? :)
  229. I Have an Urge to Wear Nail Varnish
  230. Genderfluids?? Very sudden gender change?? Help?? :(
  231. Non-op, feeling non-trans because of it...
  232. Ftm masturbation
  233. I feel like google's definition of gender promotes transphobia
  234. How do you change your name by deed poll in the UK?
  235. Frustrated
  236. Ever since I realized I was trans
  237. Pronouns
  238. Uncomfortable with this...
  239. I just hate myself
  240. should I learn to accept my birth-assigned gender?
  241. Trans kids in hollywood
  242. FTM personality traits
  243. What pronouns should I use in this situation?
  244. Trans, celebrity crushes, and straight actors playing gay characters
  245. Dating another trans person?
  246. This Haircut?
  247. Trans men with facial hair..
  248. What to call that area?
  249. I'm dead inside!
  250. Fear of cispeople