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  1. all guy's school
  2. gender question
  3. So what's this about?
  4. Frustrated
  5. Am I trans?
  6. wtf is this feminine+ transdude's101
  7. Missing Being A Girl?
  8. Wanting a new hair cut but fearing disappointment
  9. What am I? (Warning: Long)
  10. Should I just say I'm male?
  11. regret
  12. Bathrooms?
  13. Women's jeans?
  14. Struggling with wanting to be trans MtF
  15. What does this mean?
  16. should i just dump him?
  17. Should it be this hard?
  18. Am I trans?
  19. I'm a bit confused?
  20. The girl behind the mask
  21. I feel like I'm not making progress
  22. Expression preferences [13-16 year olds]
  23. Blood Checks Australia Self Medicating
  24. Binder or Anxiety: Question for fellow people who bind
  25. FtM crossdressing?
  26. Help with packing
  27. Help :(
  28. How do I know if I'm agender or male (trans)?
  29. At what point must I admit to myself I'm trans? How to accept myself?
  30. Questions and Doubts about being FtM
  31. At my wits end.
  32. A few questions?
  33. Exercises to make a feminine body more masculine
  34. Help me please?
  35. Worse day
  36. All these doubts
  37. The list that always happens
  38. Should I do it?
  39. How to move on?
  40. Transgender vs Transexual
  41. Possible dysphoria?
  42. What's the difference?
  43. Am I Trans?
  44. Want to be male physically but unsure socially
  45. Does anyone else?
  46. Giving up
  47. Masculinity and femininity by region.
  48. Who do you admire.
  49. I don't think I can transition?
  50. Coming out and feeling fake
  51. I feel horrible. Can you talk to me?
  52. Any advice
  53. Masculinity and femininity and passing...the rant
  54. Hormones for non-binary.
  55. Nervous?
  56. Am I transgender?
  57. Trans or not?
  58. Stuck :(
  59. Has this ever happened to you?
  60. Am I trans?
  61. Am I FtM?
  62. Scared to cut my hair?
  63. I want to express myself how I feel, how do I get my mom to allow it?
  64. 10% of me screaming at me
  65. Women please answer.
  66. Dealing with genderphobia
  67. How do binders work?
  68. Could I be genderqueer or are these normal cis female feelings?
  69. A need to rant
  70. 30 confused and not sure what to do.
  71. So I read this
  72. Do others.....
  73. I don't get myself :(
  74. Not so alone
  75. Is this okay?
  76. Why is she like this? :(
  77. all for all?
  78. Looking it at old photos
  79. Distancing people from your old life when you are trans
  80. What does this mean?
  81. Could it be a lack of goal?
  82. Is body dysphoria a similar feeling as being overweight?
  83. What does being in denial feel like?
  84. Cis or trans?
  85. Serious chest dysphoria. i really need help...
  86. Confused
  87. Am I 'subconsciously' a woman?
  88. Too hopeful?
  89. Will everyone be able to pass?
  90. Am I having a chest dysphoria or am I a Transgender?
  91. Guys who hate to be perceived as masculine guys?
  92. Writing like a man/woman
  93. Need a gender neutral name and how to come out with said name
  94. Questions about names!
  95. I'm just going to vent my feelings here because it makes me feel better...
  96. I feel stuck at the beginning...
  97. Am I Transgender? Please help! (Warning, long)
  98. Is anyone here a transgender person who liked their bodies before/had no dysphoria?
  99. I want to wear the boys' uniform...
  100. Weird dysphoria caused by fever?
  101. So confused
  102. How long did you question your gender?
  103. FTM autogynephilia?
  104. Question about binding?
  105. Can you have TOCD if you don't have OCD?
  106. Could I get a binder?
  107. Why do they say that MtF voice surgery is so dangerous?
  108. What does it feel like to be genderless?
  109. Is this dysphoria?
  110. Questions about transition?
  111. Confused on what sexuality I am
  112. What is wrong with this word?
  113. Bad therapy session :(
  114. Are these terms offensive?
  115. Re: education/degrees, when transitioning
  116. Gender Binaries
  117. Femme transguy?
  118. Jealous of Other Trans People?
  119. Thanksgiving funk
  120. What are some fool-proof ways to know you are trans?
  121. I'm scared
  122. Did this mean anything?
  123. Asking to use proper pronouns before physically transitioning
  124. Does this sound more Agendered or Fluid?
  125. Some FtM questions (pre-everything)
  126. Can your gender expression be mostly opposite to your gender?
  127. Confused, please help?
  128. Name
  129. I am afraid that if I transition I'll be alone
  130. My mum thinks I have body dysmorphia -__-
  131. Not being strong enough to transition
  132. I don't want my dysphoria to change
  133. Can someone who is androgyne use a binder?
  134. Waking up with anxiety?
  135. I don't like body hair?
  136. Autogynephilia/autoandrophilia
  137. I just want to be cis...
  138. Transgender Day of Remembrance
  139. Why did you or why did you not feel the need transition?
  140. Passing as cis?
  141. Trans but don't care
  142. Internalized Transphobia
  143. How flexible can gender be?
  144. To those with out social dysphoria
  145. I am so confused about my gender
  146. Feeling so Lost
  147. Faking it?
  148. Bandages to bind?
  149. Am I Genderfluid?
  150. What does wanting boobs feel like?
  151. Dysphoria?
  152. What do they want?
  153. Does anyone identify as androgyne?
  154. A strange question but...
  155. Would this be weird?
  156. Feel like giving up
  157. Tips for surviving periods as a transguy.
  158. I want to come out, but...
  159. Game Over
  160. I need to rant
  161. Am I agender??
  162. Is this okay?
  163. Confused
  164. Disconnect/dissociation with body (mostly chest)
  165. Trans Enough Project V.2
  166. Help with my little brother??
  167. Trans* Enough Project
  168. Face/hair dysphoria?
  169. So jealous of my crush?
  170. Is this strange
  171. Problems with my name??
  172. Fantasy vs Reality
  173. I wish trans wasn't "trendy"
  174. About being a trans woman
  175. I don't want another period...
  176. What does she mean?
  177. To those who identify as transmasculine..!!
  178. I can't be the only one who feels like this...
  179. Bad Dream
  180. Sexism?
  181. I'm scared of surgery??
  182. having a bad time (vent)
  183. Is this possible?
  184. I'm so scared right now...
  185. washing underwear
  186. FTM or agender or bigender??
  187. Trying to match the pieces
  188. transgender boards info?
  189. My brother?
  190. Could I be trans?
  191. Agender of Transman?
  192. What does it feel like to be bigender or genderfluid, or otherwise nonbinary?
  193. Transguy or genderqueer?
  194. Family's making dysphoria worse :(
  195. Trans and given up dreams
  196. When are questions offensive?
  197. Struggling with parents who don't pay attention!
  198. Uncomfortable with myself in relationships?
  199. Agender, or am I a binary transguy?
  200. FtMs: Pregnancy?
  201. Was this a normal reaction?
  202. Is it wrong...
  203. Trans?
  204. Are general therapists/counsellors trained in handling some gender issues?
  205. Do you ever get sad about the people who won't ever see the real you?
  206. Opinions on this name?
  207. Friend might be non-binary?
  208. I hate being a girl, I want to die
  209. FtM, agender, bigender??
  210. This is hard :(
  211. Can't stop misgendering myself, no idea about my pronouns
  212. I'm Afraid I'll Break My Mother's Heart If I Come Out
  213. Trans because of childhood trauma?
  214. Hypochondria?
  215. I feel so delusional
  216. FtM but not dysphoric towards genitals?
  217. I want to be a girl but I was happy when I passed off as a boy?
  218. I see myself with a penis - yet I'm not dysphoric?
  219. Why does transitioning even matter?
  220. so confused.
  221. My Mother is onto me, what do I do?
  222. So I have no IDEA what my gender identity is anymore....
  223. I cut my hair :(
  224. Need a new name?
  225. Agenderflux?
  226. Transsexual but not transgender?
  227. How to pass as male?
  228. Am I a lady ?
  229. How to deal with dysphoria?
  230. Thoughts on this
  231. Looking for some or other evidence ("that moment I knew")
  232. Is this weird?
  233. What's the point
  234. Body dysphoria vs. penis envy?
  235. If you could...
  236. Worst Coming Out Day ever
  237. Does my mom know?
  238. Not feeling 'very trans'?
  239. Age and things
  240. I'm so confused and scared
  241. Cis Girl?
  242. Different types of dysphoria in nb/trans people?
  243. Best Binders For Large Chests?
  244. :(
  245. Caught between two prisons
  246. Any androgynous transguys out there??
  247. YouTube Comments
  248. Dysphoria as a transguy
  249. Does it usually take this long?
  250. Is missing things normal?