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  1. Looking for some or other evidence ("that moment I knew")
  2. Is this weird?
  3. What's the point
  4. Body dysphoria vs. penis envy?
  5. If you could...
  6. Worst Coming Out Day ever
  7. Does my mom know?
  8. Not feeling 'very trans'?
  9. Age and things
  10. I'm so confused and scared
  11. Cis Girl?
  12. Different types of dysphoria in nb/trans people?
  13. Best Binders For Large Chests?
  14. :(
  15. Caught between two prisons
  16. Any androgynous transguys out there??
  17. YouTube Comments
  18. Dysphoria as a transguy
  19. Does it usually take this long?
  20. Is missing things normal?
  21. Cross-border Travelling & Passports: Canada - USA
  22. i think i'm trans, but im afraid. please help.
  23. What is this called?
  24. What is gender?
  25. Getting hold of breastforms? (no credit card)
  26. Was this dysphoria?
  27. Wanting to cut/restyle my hair- good or bad idea? Suggestions?
  28. Your personal (funny) ways of being more feminine/masculine/etc.
  29. I don't like this?
  30. Help me with gender?
  31. Is this a sign?
  32. I hate gender
  33. Scared that parents will find out
  34. Long hair for FtMs?
  35. I doubt my own legitimacy
  36. Difference between these?
  37. Sign of being cis??
  38. Known since childhood?
  39. Feeling like I discovered my gender the "wrong" way, feeling so fake
  40. Huge fear of pregnancy?
  41. I want to be a boy so bad
  42. How would you go about figuring out your gender?
  43. Part two
  44. What do I want?!
  45. Am I a transguy?
  46. Gender is really confusing?
  47. Ren Fair and being trans
  48. Transmen workouts?
  49. Everything's happening so quickly?
  50. How to not be ashamed?
  51. What do these terms mean?
  52. I hate being a girl
  53. I get discouraged
  54. I think she likes me but my gender...
  55. Tips on packing?
  56. Sudden and intense dysphoria
  57. Gender + sexuality = ???
  58. In a tough spot with my gender
  59. Weird thread but please help...
  60. Indifference vs disassociation
  61. Signs of being trans?
  62. Is this genderfluid or androgynous or...??
  63. Enjoying the idea of Male genitals?
  64. LGBT and the elderly, post 60 years of age
  65. Not sure anymore
  66. Self Doubts
  67. Sexual Orientation / Gender Expression
  68. Voice change
  69. MtF transition
  70. Questions about FtM transition
  71. Am I trans?
  72. Opinions on this name?
  73. post-op FtMs, how old were you when you got top surgery?
  74. School is ruining my life :-(
  75. Homophobia - Masc Gay Guys
  76. Wanting a penis for sex?
  77. Another one about blockers......
  78. How to feel better?
  79. A guy has a crush on me?
  80. Confession
  81. Honest opinion on names
  82. Question about blockers
  83. Trans guys, do you also do this?
  84. Please help, confused about gender
  85. How to handle being a short trans guy?
  86. Lack of acceptance of being trans by family
  87. New confusion about gender
  88. I'm starting to think I might be a transdude and I'm pretty upset about everything
  89. I'm not used to my own pronouns/name?
  90. Anyone Parents or Possible Parents Here?
  91. Has there been a study on the chromosome types of trans* people?
  92. Need Advice
  93. Possible mtf?
  94. Attraction to men versus wanting to be them
  95. New to Dysphoria
  96. MtF, need someone to talk to
  97. Pronouns/New job help?
  98. Test your name/pronouns here!
  99. Is it possible for dysphoria to get worse after you realize you're trans?
  100. The Cycle of Emptiness
  101. Trying out pronouns/names
  102. I just need some hope
  103. Plagued with self doubt
  104. How did you know/realise you’re trans?
  105. Something is wrong with me
  106. Help with buying clothes
  107. Surname change?
  108. Not feeling like a real girl I guess...
  109. Where do I go from here? I feel really trapped and lost
  110. Is this still FtM?
  111. Sort of worried
  112. Tips on how to look and behave/pass as a guy?
  113. Facial hair Pre-T
  114. I don't want this
  115. Really confused about my gender
  116. Feeling kind of pathetic
  117. Could it be a phase?
  118. This feeling confuses me
  119. Doubts not frequent, but...
  120. Detachment from D.O.B when transitioning?
  121. Just a bad day
  122. I'm a mess
  123. confused
  124. I don't like calling myself trans
  125. borderline personality disorder
  126. I think I'm a male
  127. Sooo let's say....
  128. Why do I think like that?
  129. Reflection Doesn't show
  130. Stress and confuse
  131. A lot on my mind
  132. Is it wrong?
  133. Extremely feminine features, how to look more masculine?
  134. Ashamed of myself
  135. Please someone help i dont know what to do
  136. What is so wrong with me?
  137. who or what am i???
  138. I am so happy!
  139. When I am called "handsome" it makes my dysphoria worse.
  140. What am I ? Please help!
  141. Um...is this a terrible idea?
  142. Agender? What is this??
  143. Bad or good reaction?
  144. Getting rather frustrated
  145. Terrible results from natural transition
  146. Hrt question?
  147. I hate my old photos!
  148. Should I feel a bit more encouraged or no???
  149. Androgynous VS Being a Tomboy?
  150. Does this sound trans? MtoF
  151. I can't say the word i don't like?
  152. am i transgender? pleas help, i'm confused...
  153. Agender or FtM?
  154. Is this dysphoria?
  155. Secret hurt
  156. What is this?
  157. So frustrated
  158. Is this bad?
  159. It always comes down to this one thing
  160. Is this lazy?
  161. Agender and in sorority
  162. How to stop this?
  163. Confused about gender, help appreciated
  164. A TMI post but thoughts still needed
  165. MtF masturbation questions
  166. Questions for FtMs
  167. Tired of feeling invalid
  168. Am I just a pervert?
  169. Tucking discomfort
  170. I want to die
  171. am i non-binary?
  172. MTF Gaff Help
  173. a little help if you'd be so kind
  174. I'm looking for this term.
  175. Trans
  176. Confused about gender orientation?
  177. How do I know?
  178. Need help understanding
  179. A weird realization
  180. Thinking About Coming Out To My Mother, Is This Message Good?
  181. Gender Dysphoria ? Tomboy, trans or androgynous ?
  182. So confused :(
  183. bye?
  184. Don't want to lie to myself
  185. No genital dysphoria while masturbating?
  186. No dysphoria about my genitals... I just hate everything else. Is this okay?
  187. Define Gender
  188. I feel so alone and cold and afraid right now (TW)
  189. Signs that you might be genderfluid?..
  190. Science and Transgender, what do we know?
  191. Question
  192. Further Incognito
  193. Maybe genderfluid, not sure how I feel
  194. I feel like an unsupportive jerk
  195. Help me, I can't do this I'm trying not to go back to repression
  196. Confused questioning person
  197. Question about gender
  198. Genderfluid confusion
  199. Repression
  200. STP but don't identify with being a boy
  201. hard to comprehend
  202. What's your opinion on this name?
  203. Looking for some good mtf voice tutorial videos
  204. Have wierd feelings
  205. Hi, I feel confused
  206. Little thoughts from a very messy bisexual(a long, LONG post)
  207. Hahahaha HERE WE GO AGAIN
  208. Dysphoria While Masturbating?
  209. It hurts…
  210. Transgender/Transsexual?
  211. Do I sound trans?
  212. Is Transitioning worth it?
  213. How to pass as male?
  214. Do you ever feel.....
  215. Motivational Music, do you know of any songs?
  216. So afraid...
  217. Question regarding possible HRT denail
  218. Questioning
  219. I need help.
  220. I am transgender, but I am scare of what's to come
  221. Unsure
  222. Afraid of sex
  223. Answer me this
  224. why
  225. MtF Tucking (gaff)
  226. Advice for raising money?
  227. Bigender? i don't know!
  228. I want to give my name away.
  229. Tired and giving up
  230. Regrets
  231. i dont fit in any gender
  232. kinda confused about gender..
  233. Question for bigender and genderfluid people
  234. How does it feel to be genderqueer?
  235. Gender transition questions
  236. The internal arguement
  237. Suicidal thoughts/feelings?
  238. Am I genderqueer?
  239. Worried of perceptual change concerning men
  240. Gender problems are depressing me
  241. i probably might not come back ec
  242. Thoughts?
  243. Its getting harder
  244. Transgender, and dating...
  245. Waking up a different person
  246. I hate me
  247. What do you think of this name?
  248. What does feeling like a gender mean?
  249. Gender Fluid
  250. To those in process of transitioning