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  1. Am I being stubborn?
  2. just hopeless...
  3. ?????
  4. Doubts
  5. Brothers are idoits.
  6. Please help, can I still be trans?
  7. Doubt....again
  8. Agender and clothing
  9. This worries me
  10. Frustrated. Really need to vent.
  11. (MtF) - Less Emotions On Hormones
  12. Facing Fear and Other Things
  13. Can gender dysphoria come and go?
  14. Questions for MtF's about masturbation
  15. Frustrated
  16. Pronouns help?
  17. my school life
  18. trans- gender dysphoria crying dream
  19. Transitioning with chronic illness
  20. Transmale but wish I was a girl?
  21. The problem of doctors and pharmacists
  22. A few questions
  23. Is this kid FtM?
  24. What's wrong with me
  25. How do I tell people I'm transgender?
  26. do you ever..
  27. 15 yearold pre mtf transgender. I have a few questions?
  28. Do I sound FtM?
  29. I want to castrate myself
  30. i want to kill myself
  31. am i genderfluid or something else?
  32. Disappearing Dysphoria?
  33. i still wish i was a boy
  34. Questions for MtF's about wearing girls underwear
  35. im more or less like a straight guy but i enjoy wearing womens underwear
  36. Dreaming and fantasizing about having a woman's body
  37. Should i tell my parents or just do it?
  38. What is being an MtF like?
  39. It hurts
  40. Intentional Dsyphoria as Emotional Self-Harm
  41. Isn't the suddenness of "love wins" just a little bit suspicious?
  42. Is it possible to not know its dysphoria
  43. Something I need to say but can't seem to say
  44. More female figure?
  45. Fear of not passing or not being seen as a woman.
  46. Another reason I haven't come out
  47. Androgynous, trans, genderfluid...?
  48. Dysphoria?
  49. Question bout pronouns
  50. Is this Dysphoria?
  51. I am not quite sure.
  52. a new gender a new start of life?
  53. i told them i was a boy yay
  54. how does it feel bath/shower trans people only
  55. Transgender Fear(s)
  56. I just don't know
  57. Is this normal?
  58. Genderfluid Dysphoria
  59. do you ever..
  60. please, someone, anyone
  61. I don't understand
  62. what is pride when you have none?
  63. a rather random question
  64. first time passing?
  65. I feel like a traitor
  66. Question on transitioning and passing (MtF)
  67. throwing in the towel
  68. Packing advice for an FtM?
  69. No clue who I am
  70. Is okay enough?
  71. Am I genderfluid?
  72. just need to get this out my head
  73. Not Valid?
  74. Masturbation and Gender Identity
  75. a strange observation
  76. Having a trans friend?
  77. Wanting to cut off my penis
  78. Using "one" as a pronoun?
  79. What if?
  80. How do you know if...
  81. Parents got mad when I wore a shirt to swim
  82. I do not understand this
  83. Help me understand?
  84. How to do chest binding?
  85. Explation or thoughts on....
  86. I just feel wrong.
  87. Otherkin
  88. I have noticed
  89. Is this normal?
  90. Explaining the pronoun switch to my friends.
  91. Transmasculine??
  92. I hate my body, I hate it and its just a worthless piece of trash.
  93. thoughts...comments?
  94. Partner might be trans
  95. Advice?
  96. Stuck
  97. I wish
  98. Sometimes I wish...
  99. need to rant
  100. a discussion with my bro
  101. Are these thoughts normal?
  102. to ftm
  103. is this normal?
  104. Is this dysphoria?
  105. I want to die
  106. a confused mind
  107. GID Experiment
  108. should I tell my doctor and could she refer me to a gender therapist?
  109. so I have this little problem.
  110. I think I will have to say I am cis
  111. I have this fear
  112. Why do we(transgender people) exist?
  113. ever heard of..
  114. Is this weird?
  115. Types of Genderfluid
  116. does anyone...
  117. thoughts on HRT and Genderqueer
  118. agender appearance
  119. My gender identity issues.
  120. my gender identity
  122. Unsure of my gender
  123. I was always told
  124. questions for afabs
  125. Help please? So confused
  126. Sort of freaked out
  127. Is that transgender/genderfluid?
  128. advice?
  129. It's not possible!
  130. Trans? Tomboy?
  131. just another freak out moment
  132. Having thoughts
  133. this is stupid
  134. I don't know my gender
  135. realizing it isn't normal
  136. binders and bras
  137. I admire all transwomen
  138. Confused, might be FTM
  139. First time gender confusion - help
  140. Problems at school..
  141. Genderless, or just unable to grow up?
  142. Confused about being a cis female?
  143. reading through a blog
  144. FTM help: Transitioning naturally?
  145. just wondering
  146. I really don't know where to start with this.
  147. Something I seem to notice
  148. Question for gender non-binary people
  149. Depressed... Help
  150. I can't figure out what I am
  151. Shirtless?
  152. I'm worrying about my future and it scares me
  153. Is this gender dysphoria? Help?
  154. Gender fluid? Not sure
  155. so tired of it
  156. stretch marks
  157. How Could My Friends Think I'm Capable Of...
  158. has anyone ever
  159. Don't what to call myself
  160. Confused between demis
  161. I worry a lot
  162. Can't stop thinking about being female
  163. Ah Memories
  164. I really have no idea
  165. Discovering a new self and the fear that comes with it
  166. For lack of a better title, hello kitty
  167. I'm Freaking Out
  168. Lost in the sea of genders
  169. Feeling hopeless
  170. Confused over the types of "Demi"
  171. gender confusion??
  172. I'm perfectly okay with being female but...
  173. manscaping when you're trans (warning may be TMI)
  174. Gender confused??
  175. For those who didn't know
  176. Now about my gender
  177. dysphoria
  178. trans restroom nightmare
  179. I'm going circles
  180. I don't know anymore...What am I?
  181. I Hate Being Confused
  182. these are what ive been so far...
  183. im done and tired...someone please help...:/
  184. Not sure what transitioning means for love life
  185. I'm afraid my gender identity may prevent men from being attracted to me?
  186. Gender identity in dreams - mean anything?
  187. Just a passing thought
  188. Im sure, now what?
  189. my transition is postponed
  190. Confused about gender
  191. Confused
  192. How Do I Think Like A Woman?
  193. i don't understand
  194. Funny ways to survive dysphoria. Do you have any?
  195. Is it normal to question your gender?
  196. Am I trans? genderfluid? I don't know.. :(
  197. Rant about transgender movement
  198. I really want to be a girl
  199. I might be FtM. What should I do?
  200. Change Name?
  201. Transgender - Starting Out
  202. Confused and looking for clarity
  203. I'm seriously not sure how much longer I can take this...
  204. I have no idea what I really am
  205. Now what do I do?
  206. Am I genderfluid or just confused...?
  207. endlessly doubting myself
  208. Stupid and Dangerous
  209. Exercise and diet to look male...?
  210. Religious people and acceptance
  211. Wow
  212. Help! I'm dealing with stress and gender issues
  213. Need a label
  214. Does this sound like I'm transgender/transsexual??? I hit rock bottom!
  215. MTF clothes shopping NIGHTMARE!
  216. I want to be me
  217. Awkward Question About FTMs and Sex
  218. I am going to see the doctor about my transitioning. I am afraid
  219. help
  220. Like my body, hate my gender (role)?
  221. Dysphoria and Validation
  222. Identity Confusion
  223. Effects of hrt on sexuality?
  224. My sister found out my T pill
  225. Detached of the old self
  226. Am I wrong??
  227. Too much at once
  228. Gender Dysphoria Spectrum?
  229. Dysphoria over past
  230. Change of name?
  231. Facial hair removal
  232. Does this sound like my hormones are screwed up?
  233. Went to the therapist the other day, and it messed with my head
  234. I'm confused and scared
  235. I wish I were a boy
  236. Discrimination in a dating website?
  237. crossdressing?
  238. transgender friendly erotica/porn
  239. what gender are you in your dreams?
  240. Can transwomen on estrogen produce milk?
  241. Denying
  242. Feeling bad of the lack of bottom dysphoria. Why?
  243. A girl who feels abnormal
  244. I hate my penis
  245. I hate women
  246. Gender stereotypes affecting me
  247. I don't know what to do anymore
  248. Cleaning STPs?
  249. When things go wrong...
  250. At my wits' end