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  1. Am I wrong??
  2. Too much at once
  3. Gender Dysphoria Spectrum?
  4. Dysphoria over past
  5. Change of name?
  6. Facial hair removal
  7. Does this sound like my hormones are screwed up?
  8. Went to the therapist the other day, and it messed with my head
  9. I'm confused and scared
  10. I wish I were a boy
  11. Discrimination in a dating website?
  12. crossdressing?
  13. transgender friendly erotica/porn
  14. what gender are you in your dreams?
  15. Can transwomen on estrogen produce milk?
  16. Denying
  17. Feeling bad of the lack of bottom dysphoria. Why?
  18. A girl who feels abnormal
  19. I hate my penis
  20. I hate women
  21. Gender stereotypes affecting me
  22. I don't know what to do anymore
  23. Cleaning STPs?
  24. When things go wrong...
  25. At my wits' end
  26. HELP Plagued with self doubt :(
  27. Anyone feel robbed of their childhood/adolescence?
  28. Do you ever feel like you have no right to be who you are?
  29. Underworks tri top
  30. What would be the fastests way to start transitioning?
  31. Am I gender queer or heading towards being trans (ftm)?
  32. estrogen for females
  33. What is my gender
  34. Masturbation and estrogen
  35. The Awkward Quest for Briefs
  36. Could i be bi-gender?
  37. Can you stop being transgender?
  38. Can't do this forever
  39. The Choir Dilemma
  40. Mum says I'm not a 'proper' man
  41. Am I only like this because I was raped?
  42. Glad EC filters out the bigots but...
  43. Dysphoria is contagious??
  44. Genderfluid? Trans?
  45. I'm tired of Transphobia
  46. Can a person become trans?
  47. Aspergers syndrome and transitioning
  48. Transmale vs Transmasculine
  49. Trans guys/girls…
  50. Possible bipolar causing gender fluidity?
  51. Common Dysphoria Area
  52. transgenders: buying underwear
  53. Gender Identity Crisis
  54. I'm a cisgender female but I'm not a big fan of my breasts....
  55. Genital self harm
  56. Gender identity problem?
  57. Weird realization. Shutting off dysphoria.
  58. Mermaids: Should I contact them?
  59. The sexualization of trans women
  60. Hurting my Family...
  61. To shave or not to shave...
  62. Never going to be able to transition
  63. Identity Crisis???
  64. Want to be a guy?
  65. I'm Confused....Again.... -_-
  66. Wanting to not be seen as trans, but just as a male.
  67. How to tell difference between denial and genderfluid
  68. Dysphoria is killing me
  69. Please Give Your Thoughts
  70. What are some Feminine hairstyles for men?
  71. confused
  72. Feeling doubt during period
  73. How to get someone to call you by other name
  74. Problems With Mother
  75. Is there any way to know for sure?
  76. Is it alright to medically transition?
  77. Need help figuring out my gender identity
  78. Dating other trans people?
  79. Hey there
  80. Happens Every Time
  81. dating profile - woman
  82. I was born a man and i cant change that
  83. Do I need to get diagnosed to call myself trans?
  84. Makeup, help, I don't know a thing about it.
  85. can a male become a hermaphrodite ?
  86. Unpassing trans people, how do you cope?
  87. Transitioning, how does it work?
  88. I'm not sure what I should do(very long story)
  89. Dating and being transgender?
  90. Agender - How did you know fit under agender?
  91. Question about tucking?
  92. Does this make me a bad person?
  93. Tucking and discharge
  94. Gender dysphoria?
  95. Where to buy mini skirts in winter?
  96. Embarrassing dysphoria
  97. I Hate Being a Trans Woman (Suicide TW)
  98. Trans or just Androgynous
  99. Poll: Are you post op or on hormones?
  100. Disconnection from chest?
  101. Tips on buying Leggings and Skirts. (sizes ect)
  102. Transgender people do you consider yourself a 3rd gender ?
  103. Piercings on transpeople
  104. FtM Transgender please help
  105. Getting people to use the name/pronouns I like
  106. WTF Brain
  107. Transgender's with bras
  108. Brain Insecurity Paranoia
  109. Male some days, Female some days, and wishing to be more Female in the future...
  110. Different levels of Gender Dysphoria?
  111. Confused: Is this possible to be transgender if I didn't show signs as a toddler?
  112. labels, what for ?!?
  113. Not Being Verbally Accepted or Respected
  114. Can A Person Desiring to be Female Have these moments?
  115. Has any one else experienced this?
  116. Could I be demigender?
  117. I've been questioning my gender identity for eight years...
  118. Does this happen to anyone else?
  119. Where can I buy stuff for crossdressing?(mtf)
  120. MtF HRT question
  121. Tucking?
  122. Shame over my "male" sexual desires
  123. The Next Step?
  124. Why can't I tell what gender am I? (Genderfluid)
  125. Could I be bi-gendered, genderqueer, or am I just weird?
  126. Why am I so scared to accept myself? (possible long read)
  127. Uncomfortable being separated by sex
  128. Help with clothing sizes, binding(?) and advice.
  129. Neutrois? Agender? Just crazy?
  130. MTF Hips with Hormones after 25
  131. What can I expect?
  132. Mulan - Reflection
  133. feel like an ungrateful person
  134. Not a real man because I'm not sexually active?
  135. Just want to switch bodies
  136. Don't even know what to call what I feel
  137. Question about T
  138. Transgender Protection Laws in The United States
  139. Brainwashed but Still Feel Same
  140. i think i might be transgender
  141. I hate my voice!
  142. Slimming down on hips/butt help?
  143. gender fluid but...?
  144. will I always be comftable with male pronouns?
  145. is my family ignorant or they are too.scared.to admit??
  146. MtF dysphoria down south
  147. best age to start transition.
  148. Dysphoria through the grapevine...
  149. So there's a surgery to make you a hermaphrodite
  150. Identity help
  151. Is it bad to use a bathroom assigned for the opposite sex?
  152. Too soon to know for sure?
  153. Unsure
  154. I don't want to keep this secret anymore.
  155. Normal Eyebrows
  156. Am i just in denial or is this a sign of being transgender
  157. Gender Therapist
  158. Telling parents
  159. Expressing fluidity/ambiguity
  160. Dysphoria when showering
  161. General Rant and Advice, I suppose?
  162. Is it bad that I want to experience this?
  163. Do you ever get scared?
  164. Finally bought comfy womens pants but omg the lil pockets....
  165. What am I?!
  166. Confused? Please help?
  167. desperate binding
  168. I wish I looked more feminine.
  169. This feels like an addiction - Rant
  170. Androgynous voice?
  171. Confused, and need help.
  172. Odd Dreams (possibly pg13+)
  173. Am I Making It Up? Questioning Gender-Fluid
  174. Leg hair; Too light and thin?
  175. Binders
  176. Suicidal Trans Teen - Cliche I know.
  177. Still having doubts...
  178. Rant Thread
  179. I think I'm trans what do I do??
  180. "Gender bender" dress up day at school
  181. Is it for a...
  182. Dysphoria and porn
  183. Dating a trans dude
  184. Stress is making dysphoria worse
  185. Being threatend and verbally,pschycally abused by family.
  186. Dysphoria is killing me
  187. Packers :)
  188. I can't wait for colder weather...
  189. I am terrified, advice?
  190. Will I ever be me?
  191. I'm so conflicted about transitioning
  192. Gay guys: could you be with a bigendered guy?
  193. Wanting to be male vs actually being male
  194. I confess...
  195. Please help
  196. Had enough
  197. I found a therapist in my area, but I am too scared to contact her...
  198. Help, I wanna kill myself..
  199. I feel like my identity is being invalidated by science
  200. Later in life trans*?
  201. shame [tw]
  202. Uncomfortable crossdressing in front of my Dad
  203. just a tired rant
  204. Reincarnation?
  205. Question for non-binary identified people
  206. How to phase this question?
  207. To be or not to be
  208. Transgender guy questioning my sexuality, help me please?
  209. Are there any herbs that can lower testosterone and raise estrogen?
  210. Am I FtM?
  211. Do you need Dysphoria to be trans?
  212. agender?
  213. gender depression.
  214. Am I being silly for being offended by this?
  215. Would someone be able to tell if...
  216. Do I have dysphoria?
  217. Parent logic in a nutshell.
  218. Transgender Male trying to overcome the stigma society has put on body hair.
  219. Depressed again....
  220. Are there any FtM guys dating Cisgender Males?
  221. Could I be transgendered?
  222. Can you have dysphoria and be cis?
  223. Weird gender identity sex question
  224. Shopping, too nervous to look in the women's section..
  225. Transitioning, Where Do I Start?
  226. Confusion, or denial?
  227. Need vocal tips. MtF
  228. Looking for a therapist in the Nashville area
  229. Binding...?
  230. I think I'm Bigender?
  231. Not really sure if I'm in the right area..
  232. Crossdressing tips...
  233. Anxiety makes me want to hide behind "cis-disguise". Does this happen to you?
  234. Name Change
  235. Transgender
  236. Fake Breasts
  237. is it a bad thing if you don't want people to know your girlfriend is trans?
  238. The Road from Questioning to Discovery
  239. Do any of you trans folk feel ignored in any of the other threads?
  240. binder help
  241. connection between gender and periods
  242. I came out and this started to happen.... Why?
  243. I have some questions and need advice
  244. Need tips for improving my appearance.
  245. Identity Exploration?
  246. Back to Square One, with Many Questions
  247. Do I sound trans to you?
  248. Childhood sexual play and gender identity?
  249. What is with these things, man?
  250. My gender is messing with my sexual orientation