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  1. Trans guy that isnt confident
  2. I don't take my own identity seriously
  3. post coming out
  4. (Relation)Ship is About to Crash...
  5. Help me please, tired of being confused...
  6. Help!! I dont know what I like..feminine or masculine??
  7. Will I be able to grow taller on T?
  8. Binding
  9. Round face
  10. Finally!
  11. Not confused but...
  12. Transitioning
  13. Jealousy
  14. Trans and x-dressing
  15. Dating for trans girl?
  16. Am I feeling gay because I can't trust women?
  17. natural voice deepening
  18. Name game fun
  19. Names
  20. Agender and feminine
  21. Testosterone
  22. "Weird" questions about packers
  23. Why Can't I Just Pick a Freaking Gender?
  24. FTM hair problems
  25. anyone agree ?
  26. In the future I will act more like myself but I am scared. Long and boring post.
  27. Homemade Chest binder (Trans)
  28. Advice Pretty please
  29. Bi vs Pan
  30. Gender identity help
  31. Confused and uncertain.
  32. Gender Fluid or No
  33. Dreams and trans
  34. Advice Needed
  35. Is this normal?
  36. How do I know if Im trans*?
  37. Is this a real gender-confusion issue? or is it just me being stubborn and stupid?
  38. when your girlfriend has different parts.
  39. A Question on Self-Esteem and Confidence
  40. Trans (FtM) dreaming of duality - thoughts?
  41. is it weird for a trans girl ?
  42. Mom is making me wear a dress.
  43. How can I deal with the possibility of not passing as normal?
  44. Is it bad that I'm skeptical about genderqueers?
  45. Still Lost, and a little bit of questionable guilt
  46. Social Circles
  47. Gender Identity and Relationships
  48. Awareness of Sexual feeling (female)
  49. What's your opinion on being stealth/not disclosing that you're trans?
  50. can you think you are transgender because of internalized sexism?
  51. Why am I (ftm) jealous of lesbians?
  52. FtM Dysphoria and self harm
  53. Questions about MtF HRT
  54. Genderqueer?
  55. ftms and masturbation
  56. So am I transgender?
  57. Transgender but sometimes aroused by women's clothing? (Help!)
  58. I think i might be mtf trans...
  59. TransOCD or Gender Dysphoria
  60. Oh (trans*)man, makeup!?
  61. Dysphoria at night
  62. Afraid of Discrimination
  63. FtM and MtF sexual transitioning
  64. Coming out letter Good/Bad?
  65. Is this a really silly reason to transition?
  66. Silly trans dreams
  67. Transfeminine?
  68. I hate my body but I identify with my gender
  69. Gender Expression, How can I seem more Androgynous?
  70. Am I transgender?
  71. Why transition?
  72. what are lady boys?
  73. am I overreacting?
  74. Demigirl? Maybe?
  75. Too poor to afford transitioning but feeling depressed.
  76. Homemade STPs
  77. Confused about gender
  78. Help?!
  79. I have no idea what my gender is
  80. Am I trans or just a masculine girl?
  81. Does somebody have thoughts like that sometimes?
  82. Questioning Gender Again
  83. I think I might be transgender
  84. For FtM: puberty and breasts growth
  85. How did you feel before discovering you were trans?
  86. I want to be a woman
  87. Hating being in the closet about my gender..
  88. Can sexual abuse factor into gender identity?
  89. Body language (gender)
  90. Am I being Hypocritical?
  91. do other females who are trans (mtf) feel left out around faab people at times?
  92. Doubts
  93. confused?
  94. Androgyne maybe?
  95. I make myself sound like a pervert
  96. Am I just crazy?
  97. Do crossdressers date crossdressers?
  98. Not trans enough (again...)
  99. problem explaining possible engagement to parents after coming out
  100. Coming out
  101. Too late?
  102. Is it possible for a person to have a surgery to become a hermaphrodite?
  103. Hormones and PH Balance
  104. So I had this dream...
  105. ftm considering cutting my own hair?
  106. Transguy who's pre-everything...
  107. My name
  108. Passing - not clothes related
  109. Stealth Shaming? Sorry its long
  110. I feel like a femme lesbian but sometimes i don't dress like one
  111. Holy shit I think Im trans
  112. What does this mean?
  113. Picture
  114. Binding question
  115. Does anyone else feel this way?
  116. My transgender story - just wanted to compare
  117. Want to be a woman, but I work as a man
  118. is this gender identity disorder or something more?
  119. suicidal feelings
  120. Could have known earlier?
  121. No clue how to title this...Body vs. Mind?
  122. Can a Genderqueer guy transistion
  123. Non-Binary people: How did you know? (and gender in general...)
  124. gender confusion
  125. Gender queer/fluid? HELP
  126. Lesbian desperately want to be a man
  127. Bathroom Help.
  128. I have no idea who I am and how I feel...
  129. Any one else experience this?
  130. distancing from the terms ''woman'' and ''man''
  131. transitioning /into/ FtM?
  132. I don't know what I am anymore
  133. Sexual Tension, Is it Wrong?
  134. Just Thoughts(It's a long read about my thoughts and stuff about gender identity)
  135. How do you apply Mascara?
  136. Hiding that Bulge when crossdressing
  137. Underwear/packing
  138. Kind of a Stupid Question
  139. Is this true?
  140. Just cis?
  141. I just don't know anymore
  142. Problem
  143. Worried about what I might have said while drunk
  144. Autogynephile
  145. Lonely
  146. Just... tired.
  147. So tired of feeling confused
  148. Need a little help here...
  149. Feeling nervous and untruthful... MTF
  150. I feel Motivated
  151. Need help on a label...(or how do you find a lifemate with specific qualities)
  152. This Movie Rubbed Me The Wrong Way, How Do I Stop Thinking About It?
  153. Looking more feminine (MtF)
  154. Is it okay to bind, but not identify at genderqueer?
  155. Breast size & other body changes. MTF
  156. What if they are right and I am not transgender?
  157. "becoming" transgender?
  158. Agender and femme?
  159. Does anyone know where I can get help being gender fluid?
  160. question
  161. A short rant about being an alien humanoid.
  162. Anxiety Medication
  163. Developing Breasts, Does it hurt?
  164. male body odor
  165. Am I Transgender???
  166. Frustration!
  167. HRT sounds scary to me
  168. Not sure about gender
  169. I feel like outside sources are influencing my life
  170. Am I agender?
  171. Feminine Costumes for Halloween
  172. gender dysphoria?
  173. How can I make my voice sound like a girl's voice?
  174. FTM?? No clue
  175. Complications with Relationships
  176. 100% girl to FTM
  177. Dysphoria is a nasty thing
  178. Am I transgendered?
  179. How do you determine what packer size you should buy?
  180. Courage?
  181. Ftm bottom surgery
  182. Somewhere in the middle where?
  183. Changing my sex to avoid anal penetration
  184. Dissociating from my body (transgender related)
  185. I don't know what's going on
  186. My Gender Identity
  187. Childhood trans dreams?
  188. How to be a feminine guy?
  189. Packing
  190. how do i stop who i am?
  191. what do i do to make everyone happy+
  192. being genderfluid and trans*
  193. ftm, shopping for clothes, in panic
  194. What are some examples of gender dysphoria?
  195. Underwear
  196. a difficult decision (PLEASE HELP!!!!)
  197. Should i transition?
  198. I tried to OD but I'm still here :(
  199. FtM, wearing a suit, a swimsuit...
  200. First Inklings
  201. Just plain confusion
  202. I don't know who I am anymore...
  203. Packing (FtM)
  204. Bio-female, but identify as trans gay man?
  205. T Delivery Methods
  206. This is so confusing
  207. Am I Understanding Myself?
  208. Trans? Or just an extreme tomboy??
  209. Help please :(
  210. My identity confuses me
  211. Just need some answers
  212. Confused Gender and Sexuality
  213. How do I convince myself I'm not a freak?
  214. I'm almost there, just a bit more help please.
  215. Just wondering...
  216. new to everything
  217. How can I dress more like myself? (FTM)
  218. i'm pretty sure that i'm transgender(ftm) but idk what to do
  219. So confused!
  220. I'm really distraught
  221. I'm thinking too much about it lately
  222. Can I be MtF-trans if I don't feel body dysmorphia?
  223. Questioning gender due to feeling "off"
  224. Questions, again
  225. 32 and finally questioning
  226. I'm not sure what it is happening?
  227. trans or ocd? fear of being lesbian?
  228. Are these signs of being trans, or am I just crazy?
  229. Sex change for sexual reasons
  230. Past Gender Dysphoria
  231. I have a question
  232. Should you grow out of being a tomboy???
  233. the big virginity question. . .
  234. Phases of dysphoria
  235. I have no idea how to handle this (NSFW)
  236. How important is the past?
  237. Dresses
  238. Trans* Without Transitioning?
  239. Not completely female but not male?
  240. Orgasms
  241. FTM questions.
  242. Awkward question
  243. Confused...?
  244. Not Comfortable as Girl, But Scared
  245. Might be in the wrong spot, but...
  246. Trying to figure out the truth...
  247. FTM passing?
  248. Identification/relationship
  249. This is why I get confused about gender
  250. Dysphoria, breasts, and PE