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  1. Dysphoria(possibly triggering)
  2. Do I sound trans?
  3. Coming out to a counselor
  4. Questioning my gender, suddenly?
  5. A confusing mess of words
  6. Was on hrt, ran out of meds, went back on
  7. Could I just "want" to be trans, but actually not trans?
  8. Using tampons as a FTM?
  9. Opinions on nipple removal?
  10. I know it is long but please read
  11. Name suggestions?
  12. What is it like to socially transition?
  13. Suddenly obsessed with wondering if I'm FTM?
  14. Help me understand?
  15. Is this too feminine?
  16. Weird reaction
  17. I'm not ready to socially transition yet, but...
  18. Doubts in the beginning
  19. Is it okay for guys to wear dresses and skirts?
  20. What can a mtf crossdresser do to become more feminine appearance wise?
  21. Questions about phalloplasty
  22. For FTM transgender persons
  23. Dealing with dysphoria
  24. Genderfluid and not sure
  25. Pros and Cons of Gender
  26. Any trans people here who DIDN'T know it from early childhood?
  27. Am I cis or not?
  28. How to deal with wanting to cross-dress about parents
  29. Help
  30. Gay/Bi ftm
  31. Advice on understanding your gender identity?
  32. I feel awkward
  33. Is my friend trans?
  34. Is transitioning pointless?
  35. How do I find the strength to go on?
  36. Dreaming about being of the opposite sex
  37. Using a new name
  38. Struggling with identity
  39. My crush is gay?
  40. Very confused about my gender?
  41. Is this still trans?
  42. Will it be noticeable?
  43. Am I transgender?
  44. I need to know who or what I am
  45. Is it possible to be proud of being transgender? Or feel good about it?
  46. The clothes/underwear thread
  47. Is genderqueer a catch-all term?
  48. This ones for you... yes you reading this at the moment.
  49. Am I not really trans?
  50. Painful V
  51. I can't be gay?
  52. How to approach subject of gender with psychiatrist?
  53. MTF and having a problem
  54. Unattainable?
  55. Bedroom
  56. Thoughts on "becoming cis" ?
  57. Inner and outer gender
  58. No testosterone in Iowa?!!
  59. testicle pain
  60. Man talk?
  61. Just a mini rant
  62. ADVICE PLEASE (speedy if can do)
  63. I can't accept myself
  64. GIC Referral
  65. Why did this happen?
  66. It's a phase?
  67. Trans*, Dating, and having your genders have different sexualities
  68. Am I trans?!?!
  69. Being Mentally Male while on your Period
  70. Am I Trans (FtM)?
  71. Confession of an FtM
  72. panic over gender identity
  73. Why is this happening?
  74. FTM missing T doses
  75. Freaking out after reading about de-transition
  76. If I like crossdressing does it mean I'm trans
  77. So first time posting in here, im really nervous but i need some advice
  78. A Di*k GP?
  79. I am tired of being hated for being trans.
  80. revenge of the memes
  81. Did you ever want to...?
  82. Pls help (binding)
  83. I am a boy
  84. General Fears
  85. Gender and mental health
  86. Doubts, with NHS..
  87. What do you think?
  88. What is my gender??
  89. shaving?
  90. "Wrong" age for support group
  91. Trans?
  92. I want to be a boy
  93. Am I transgender?
  94. reconciling beliefs
  95. Is this name okay?
  96. Dysmorphia vs Dysphoria
  97. idk... but depression/dysphoria is a bi**h .-.
  98. Tomboy or trans?
  99. Depression caused by being trans (ftm) - Help
  100. Help!
  101. Is this ok as a name?
  102. ftm? or not?
  103. Why is this a problem?
  104. :(
  105. Phantom Feelings
  106. Advice from cis folk
  107. Choosing a name?
  108. Confused about my identity
  109. Don't know how to deal with sexual things
  110. Has this happened to anyone else?
  111. Help Becoming More Feminine
  112. Can't use this name?
  113. Needle phobia
  114. Doubts..?
  115. A question that might be dumb, sorry
  116. Ways to suppress trans thoughts and feelings
  117. Socially transitioning
  118. Confused about my gender :/
  119. Allergy to Testosterone?
  120. Unsure about name
  121. obsessed with the thought i might be trans? !
  122. Suicide, Doubts and Passing
  123. Social Dysphoria or Social Anxiety / Internalized Misogyny?
  124. Being Bigender and experiencing a Phantom Appendage
  125. how to distinguish between gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia?
  126. what do you think about girls with really short hair or buzz cut?hot or not?
  127. FTM with a crush on this girl?
  128. A friend went trans
  129. Starting with doubts with gender therapist
  130. Which name is the best?
  131. Trans-Woman- and how can I ask them to quit?
  132. Seriously considering suicide
  133. Do people put on an act to behave feminine?
  134. Dysphoria caused by trauma?
  135. Testosterone question
  136. Am I really nonbinary?
  137. My favourite online community feels unsafe.
  138. your thoughts on gender expression being provocative & promiscuous
  139. Not sure if this goes here.
  140. Letter to Family About Being Transgender - Feedback Please?
  141. What do you think?
  142. Idk
  143. Can you be non binary but want hormones?
  144. Confused and alone
  145. Names are hard...
  146. Transsexual and transgender
  147. Is this unusual?
  148. Questioning sucks -_-
  149. A sad post written because I'm in pain right now
  150. Switching bathrooms at work. Advice
  151. Thoughts on this name?
  152. I'm a freak :(
  153. Dysphoria is Killing Me
  154. Stereo typical gay guys
  155. Autoandrophilia?
  156. oops
  157. Doubts
  158. I needs answers
  159. :(
  160. Explain this sensation to me
  161. Weird both-gender dysphoria
  162. Could I be transgender?
  163. Atypical ftm... Help? Am I actually ftm, or something else?
  164. Foods that effect hormones (or not)
  165. I'm so tired of pretending to be a guy.
  166. Ftm, potential relationship blossoming - needing to come out to the other person.
  167. Am I transgender?
  168. Help! Confused think I'm ftm
  169. I wish I could have long hair.
  170. Extremely confused about gender... Others' experiences would be appreciated!
  171. How do you gain feminine face , if you have incredibly masculine one?
  172. Life ended up being ok. Maybe it happens to you too
  173. Dysphoria and Life
  174. Giving up on life
  175. Going to college to become trans
  176. `lectrogist
  177. Why must I be called male pronouns?
  178. Is this too weird?
  179. Questioning my gender identity
  180. Girlish?
  181. Am I bigender?
  182. I just wish I could be who I was on the inside and not the out.
  183. Trans-guys who identify more with gay men than lesbians?
  184. Freetom
  185. Frustrated with gender and life
  186. Phalloplasty
  187. Weird Hair Question! UwU
  188. Ftm??
  189. Confusing E and T Levels...? >////<
  190. So confused
  191. I thought I was Agender, but now I think I'm FtM
  192. Educating about non binary people in schools
  193. I hate myself (Aspergers, possibly trans)
  194. Am I Trans?
  195. Is it okay for me to like lesbian representation as a trans guy?
  196. Doctor and Support??!??!?!?
  197. Does this kind of thing annoy anyone else?
  198. FTM, makeup and dresses?
  199. MTF RE Wigs
  200. How do I conform to my birth gender and learn to be happy with it?
  201. The Truth.
  202. Is my life pointless?
  203. afraid getting the haircut..
  204. the big "O"
  205. Anyone that feels dysphoria the way I do?
  206. Help!!
  207. Unsure how to see myself
  208. What is gender dysphoria?
  209. How can I overcome internalized transphobia?
  210. Confused about my gender?
  211. There's any other trans girl or trans people who plain to keeps their genitals?
  212. This is ruining my life :(
  213. Getting a doctor's appointment? (UK)
  214. The sad, confused little girl inside
  215. Dysphoria, really need advice...
  216. This frustrates me
  217. Suppressed Transgender Feelings
  218. Feeling really down :/
  219. What does gender dysphoria feel like to you?
  220. How do I get on birth control?
  221. I don't know what to do anymore
  222. I don't know what to call my gender situation...
  223. Does anyone else
  224. Is this name too weird? *Long post*
  225. 16 and questioning gender :(
  226. HRT just stopped!?
  227. Hyphenated names?
  228. Demiguy or trans
  229. In need of a rant
  230. How do you know you're demigender?
  231. Is it wrong for a guy to want to be pretty?
  232. What is my gender??
  233. Gender & Sexuality Link?
  234. What do you think of this?
  235. I Want To Be A Real Boy...
  236. I think I'm trans
  237. i just want to be a normal guy
  238. Sudden Doubts About Being Trans
  239. This can't be happening...
  240. I've been wondering for a while if I am just a crossdresser.
  241. Can someone explain dysphoria to me?
  242. Am I trans, or do I just like cross-dressing?
  243. Help! Confused about my gender
  244. Biologically female, feeling male more often, affecting sexuality.
  245. Non-binary trans man
  246. Help with the doubts
  247. Why am I still questioning~!!
  248. Help figuring myself out
  249. Is my dysphoria just a placebo?
  250. Menophobia