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  1. Is my husband gay?
  2. Advice needed
  3. New - Parents MTF young adult - Need advice
  4. my daughter loves her new friend
  5. help please
  6. Husband wants to be a woman
  7. Is my brother gay - he is 26
  8. Son came out to me
  9. UPDATE: I think my little brother might be gay
  10. How do mom's "always know"
  11. Is my little brother GAY (HE'S 8!)?
  12. can I ask her...
  13. I think my little brother might be gay
  14. How should I support my brother?
  15. Please help me support my 12 year old son
  16. Please help
  17. My "best friend" hates gays
  18. Husband came out to me
  19. Am I selfish?
  20. 10 year old daughter
  21. My 16 year old son is gay - I'm afraid.
  22. 7 year old son told me he likes boys
  23. Upset with Myself
  24. LGBT Books for Parents
  25. should I come out to my sister before my wife?
  26. Daughter came out as pansexual
  27. Empty Closets - Charitable Donations Now Open!
  28. Dad might be gay - Advice Please
  29. Don't Give Up on Your Dreams!
  30. How do I talk to parents about LGBT?
  31. To religious parents
  32. 14 year old son came out and nobody saw it coming
  33. 7 year old son with crush
  34. Need advice really bad
  35. Please help! Gay/Aspergers son jumping the gun
  36. Little sibling came out to me, and I realized I know next to nothing about gender
  37. Ok...now what? What's next?
  38. 14 year old boy
  39. Resource thread for understanding the LGBT perspective
  40. HuffPost video on same sex sleepovers in high school
  41. my 14yo spending night at her "crush"'s house
  42. To parents of transgender people
  43. My niece came out today
  44. Advice sort
  45. What's in a name?
  46. My 15 year old came out to me this morning
  47. 14 year old daughter bi?
  48. My friend came out as bi today
  49. Interview with authors of "This is a book for parents of gay kids"
  50. 12 year old son has come out - and I think I handled it terribly
  51. Am I?
  52. unsure about bedrooms
  53. I am worried
  54. My friend needs help... Badly...
  55. How best to support my son
  56. SO Just Came Out To Me
  57. Is my 12 yr old son gay?
  58. Importance of Connecting with other LGBTQ kids
  59. Hi worried mum
  60. My son is gay but doesnt know that I know
  61. My daughter told a friend that she's bisexual
  62. Don't parents know their kids are gay before they come out?
  63. My six year told me he is gay
  64. Parent Discovery
  65. My son came out to me...
  66. Questions..
  67. Tolerance sometimes isn't enough
  68. 14 yr old son says he is gay
  69. Laying herself open to bullying?
  70. My Close Friend
  71. How to approach appropriate times to come out with 12 year old son
  72. Question for EC Parents
  73. My 12 year old son just came out to us - introduction
  74. My brother thinks he might be gay...
  75. Gay brother
  76. BBC Documentary - Parents and Transgender Youth
  77. Suspect Husband is Trying To Come Out
  78. Newly out son refuses to talk about it
  79. My 14 year old son came out
  80. Why can't she choose one ? Please advise
  81. 11 year old daughter came out
  82. Update on my 12 year old son
  83. Advice on helping son
  84. Dating a newly gay mom, how to tell her kids
  85. Found 12 year old son viewing gay porn - PLEASE HELP!!!
  86. Parents feeling rejected by transgender adult child
  87. How do I know my son and how do I support him?
  88. Husband doesn't know what he wants or so he says
  89. I think my daughter might be gay?
  90. My 17 year old
  91. A question for the parents of EC
  92. Calling all Parents from a closeted lesbian daughter
  93. At my whits end with 15 year old son
  94. Could use some advice on my son's behaviour.
  95. General: Coming out to Mother Vs Father
  96. Friend struggling with sexuality?
  97. LGBT parents with LGBT kids
  98. 11 yr old son told me he is gay
  99. Younger brother is probably gay?
  100. 9 1/2 year old daughter.
  101. My child has told me he is gay- but he is so young!
  102. Tiggs' journey......
  103. awful way to find out
  104. How to deal with gossip about gay son
  105. Homophobe Grampa
  106. Homo-siblings
  107. Porn addiction – Educational teaching aids aimed at 11 year olds.
  108. Married brother has just come out
  109. My brave son just came out.
  110. Concerned Mom
  111. Husband taking hormones- What to expect?
  112. Straight transgender husband?
  113. Gift
  114. Worried for My Son
  115. Please don't ask this.
  116. I'm SO angry with him....
  117. Being accepted
  118. Parents: please don't assume sexual orientation
  119. Having a gay son/daughter can be an amazing gift
  120. Before You Echo "Amen"
  121. Message to parents
  122. The secret life
  123. Gay son painting toe nails
  124. Accidentally read my 13 y/o journal - she thinks she's gay...how do I talk with her?
  125. Having issues with my Son
  126. New and need advice about my son
  127. New Here ... Mom with Question about 9 y/o Son ... Advice Needed.
  128. Advice over Sex Change Op for Cousin
  129. My son told me that he thinks he is gay
  130. Is my brother gay or bisexual or confused?
  131. Finding it difficult to make male friends
  132. I can't accept her - or myself ?
  133. 2 Bi Brothers? And my family doesn't know and are anti-LGBT
  134. Want to help my daughter
  135. My 16yr old brother just came out to me (his big sis) in need of supportive advice
  136. Advice please - gay son, aged 11
  137. Is it right to defend gay people while still being in the closet?
  138. Stepping out of comfort zone
  139. My eldest daughter said it and
  140. How do you help parents who are in denial?
  141. Realizing my aunt is asexual
  142. Mom's Ex
  143. Confused
  144. Raising pre-teen QUESTIONS!!
  145. How to handle lesbian parents?
  146. My husband is transgender too...
  147. How should I support this Friend?
  148. Emotional roller coaster
  149. Son in school
  150. Feeling grief when sibling came out as transgender
  151. how do i tell him i know
  152. Parenting advice needed!
  153. Question: Why are family and friends so afraid or unwilling to support?
  154. How can I best help my friend/be a good ally?
  155. My Little Sister Says She's Gay?
  156. My husband is transgender
  157. Desperate for advice with my fiancé who's confused
  158. Tight Circumstances
  159. Parent of a Bi teen looking for advice
  160. When to tell the children about their dad?
  161. Advice on supporting my Tween Step Son
  162. Advice needed . My 16 yr old son just came out.
  163. Could my daughter be gay?
  164. My sister
  165. Son came out
  166. A little help ?
  167. 16 year old looking at transexual/gay porn? What should I do?
  168. My son doesent know, that i know he's gay
  169. Advice on Coming Out
  170. My son just told me he thinks he's gay
  171. my daughter might be a lesbian (what do I do?)
  172. Looking for support
  173. My 11 year old told me he is gay
  174. My son just came out to me
  175. Ok - Let's do this.....so proud of my son!
  176. Advice please re my 14 year old son
  177. daughter came out
  178. Secretly found out 15 year old son is gay
  179. Please Advice: My 11 yo son is into rough gay porn
  180. Explaining my transgirl child to elderly relative, help!
  181. Help - 14 year old son
  182. Bi Mom of M to F Transgender child. Any advice?
  183. Do you think it's ok for a parent to ask point blank?
  184. My Son Just Told Me He Is gay
  185. Helping my little brother find who he is...
  186. My Son Came Out- To Everyone
  187. Why is my son doing this? Any advice?
  188. My teenage son is gay
  189. I think my son is gay?
  190. parent asking...
  191. I'm wondering how to approach my 9 year old
  192. Farewell: My daughter came out!
  193. my 14 year old said he is a girl in a guys body and wants to be called a girls name
  194. looking for advice for my daughter
  195. More problems with my daughter.
  196. my daughter
  197. My son came out to me....
  198. 11 Year old son and his sexuality
  199. So... I think my brother's gay too...
  200. Perspective from a Parent
  201. Found my son looking at gay porn
  202. Advice for a Dad - Jeff
  203. Need feedback asap.... Please
  204. I Think My Brother Is Gay...
  205. I Think My Younger Sister Maybe Transgendered and I'd Like To Help (Details in post)
  206. Teen caught viewing gay porn, what now?
  207. Accepting Your Gay Child
  208. my son just told me he thinks he's gay.. don't know how to deal with it
  209. I think my brother may be gay?
  210. 14 old son is looking at gay porn. I've got questions.
  211. How to support my daughter in coming out to extended family?
  212. my brother is likey to be gay
  213. My brother had his eyebrows waxed? Is he gay?
  214. Is my brother gay?
  215. My brother confided in me not too long ago that he's Bi-Curious.
  216. Found out my brother is gay!
  217. Straight Parent Gay Child (I think)??
  218. just found out my brother is gay - need advice!
  219. siblings also gay?
  220. I suspect my brother is gay. What do I do?