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  1. Sleep overs???
  2. Would like advise from parents of trans kids
  3. I've always suspected it, but today my 14 year old son confirmed that he's gay
  4. Mom of 14 year old who just told me she is gay...
  5. support for a trans friend
  6. Are both of my children gay?
  7. How long did it take for your parents to accept you?
  8. Help me!!
  9. What is happening? What do I do? I'm scared. I'm in shock.
  10. Mother of 15 year old boy
  11. Found out 14 year old daughter is lesbian but she hasn't told us (parents)
  12. Gay furry sex pics found on 15 yr old sons phone
  13. 10 yr old son: is he gay?
  14. What's going on here
  15. 14 year old brother quickly closes something on laptop
  16. my 13 year old brother might be asexual?
  17. my bf cheated on me and thinks he's bi or gay
  18. 11 year old son says he's bi!?
  19. My son told me he is bisexual...
  20. Losing a daughter?... Trying to process
  21. I'm pretty sure that my 80-year-old grandfather is LGBT... help
  22. I think I've outlived my reason for my son to bother with me.
  23. My 12 yr old "loves" 11 yr old girl
  24. 13 year old asked me if it was ok if she had a girlfriend
  25. Feel pretty good about myself but still can't sleep
  26. Wondering about terminology / phrasing
  27. My 10year old son and gay porn
  28. My 10 year old son likes a boy!
  29. School
  30. Internet Chat rooms and my 14 year old gay son
  31. Need some advice please...
  32. What would you as a parent do, proactively?
  33. Changing personality
  34. Needing some advice
  35. My Son 14 is gay.
  36. Gender marker change!
  37. Son 16 Told Me Tonight He is gay
  38. So umm
  39. My teenage son just came out and I'm in complete shock.
  40. A conundrum.
  41. Just to clarify
  42. Concerns and findings
  43. Me? I'm a parent.
  44. New here & parent of a 12 yr old girl...
  45. Christmas.. soooooo excited!!
  46. Feeling so helpless and scared--what to do now?
  47. Thinking about fostering....
  48. new parent and new name
  49. How about some happy & fun news!
  50. Not important.. just feeling lonely without my child
  51. Feeling like a terrible parent
  52. I need the help of parents of transgender kids
  53. Trying to figure out how to get the gender marker change.
  54. How can i help my transgender daughter with Depression
  55. When do you know
  56. How to confront my baby's father about him being gay??
  57. Update on Son's Surgery...
  58. My wee son
  59. Update on surgery.. :(
  60. nonbinary teen custody nightmare
  61. My 9 year old son told me he was Gay last night
  62. having a transgender brother
  63. question about hysterectomy if any of you moms or tg men have had it.
  64. Newbie with a 14yo gay son
  65. Mom won't use friend's pronouns
  66. How do I help?
  67. Adult son gay? Risky Behavior
  68. Please Advise with my 11 year old son very worried
  69. First post op visit and plans for party!
  70. I decided to have a fancy mother and daughter night out
  71. Update on top surgery..
  72. Still on the way home from the surgery...
  73. My transgender daughter started taking ballet
  74. He's not on the road yet!!!!!
  75. New scenario
  76. Four days to my child's top surgery!
  77. Need advice: 13 year old son on Skype
  78. pansexual teen daughter
  79. Grandchildren
  80. As difficult for me as it is for him...
  81. How do i go about putting my daughter on puberty blockers
  82. Who should my 14 year old son tell he is gay?
  83. I decided against the 2 inch heels for my daughter
  84. To stay in Edinburgh or move, in light of my gay 14 year old?
  85. My 14 year old son has just told me he's gay.
  86. My transgender daughter no problems so far at school
  87. 15 yr old son told me he is bisexual
  88. Well.. just lost that last of our family to hate.
  89. What do you folks think of doing this?
  90. I need advice about my transgender daughter schooling
  91. So hard to word correctly: 13 yr old DD came out and now is seems to want to X-dress?
  92. I am a single mom seeking advice for my MTF 12 year old daughter
  93. New here, and new to this
  94. Advice re 10 year old, + camp issue
  95. Explaining being transgendered
  96. A Question for Moms
  97. Help for my sweet son
  98. Advice please
  99. Queer parents of transgender kids?
  100. Husband coming out as transgender
  101. Advice for Mom & Daughter Both Using EC
  102. My brother and trans stuff?
  103. Father calls us homophobic
  104. stages of grief
  105. My brother is confused about his sexuality...please help!
  106. Seeking Support....
  107. Does this mean he's gay?
  108. I don't wish to out my son
  109. My sister...
  110. my genderfluid daughter
  111. 12 year old daughter is lesbian - dating issue
  112. Wondering ...
  113. Parents who aren't ready
  114. Hey older humans! Help me out?
  115. *waves* Its been a long time. Need some input
  116. My First P-Flag Meeting
  117. My 12yo has told three friends she is gay - should I warn her of the risks?
  118. My son said I'm definitely gay Mum
  119. My son
  120. Daughter 'thinks' she is gay? Advice please!
  121. Reading material for my parents when I come out?
  122. My 6-year-old told me he's gay. Advice Please.
  123. From an understanding dad
  124. Should we tell him we know?
  125. Whether he loves a Jane or a John
  126. Weekend sleepover
  127. Help for rules on sleep overs
  128. My 15 year old is gay
  129. Brother is 27 and I think he is Gay
  130. i found out my son is bisexual but should i let him no i no? please help :)
  131. My 12 year old just came out to me
  132. I want to celebrate my wife
  133. Finally!!! Im so ecstatic
  134. Homophobic Relatives
  135. Homophobic parents and gay brother. What can I do??
  136. anyone can help me understand? my gay sister says she cant love my unborn son
  137. My 11 year old son just told me he is gay
  138. my sister won't tell, even though I did
  139. Question
  140. My 11 year told me he is gay today
  141. Some Advice To Parents of a Gay Kid, From a Gay Kid
  142. Should I tell my husband our daughter told me she might be gay?
  143. Sisters
  144. How to support my friend?
  145. Im fine with my son being gay but he cant accept it and i dont know how to help him
  146. He came out today
  147. Feeling so confused!
  148. sibling
  149. need help for my son
  150. Advice? Sister of a closeted trans brother
  151. Definitely recommend watching this video.
  152. My young son and an older man...help please!
  153. This is for The Parents
  154. How do I support my 14yr old who has just come out
  155. How to address this with my brother
  156. Back!
  157. How to come out to my parents
  158. my sister went snooping, i don't know what to do
  159. New to this
  160. This is probably none of my bussiness but...
  161. i think my mom knows i am gay, i need parental advice on how to handle this.
  162. Brother Trouble
  163. Worried Mum
  164. Im bi and my dad is gay
  165. I think my son is gay
  166. A question to parent's that say ...
  167. Christianity and being transgender
  168. Don't know what to do
  169. Please help me support my daughter
  170. lost
  171. Trying to be a good parent
  172. my son is gay but hasnt told me
  173. My brother is gay and I think I am too
  174. Mother of LGBT teen
  175. To every parent who has ever posted here
  176. 10 Ways to Make It Easier for Your Child to Come Out
  177. How do we handle sports which are divided among girls or boys??
  178. Helping Little Bro Come Out
  179. My 11y daughter wants to tell her girl crush
  180. My 13 year old son is bisexual
  181. Changes from HRT
  182. help - my son thinks he is gay
  183. Helping my son date in high school?
  184. 6-year-old Sister a Lesbian?
  185. Please help im so overwhelmed
  186. Lonely child
  187. Think my sis is trans?
  188. Parent needing advice
  189. I need help with hostile parents
  190. Accepting parents but different if it's your own child
  191. Advice for a friend
  192. A cool report
  193. I believe my cousin is gay?
  194. My Step Son.
  195. How do I help my son?
  196. Supporting my brother
  197. My daughter told me her "secret" last night
  198. My son came out to me this morning.
  199. Hello everyone :-)
  200. for parents who are new to having a trans child
  201. A Question for Parents
  202. Little sister...
  203. Help!
  204. my 14yo step-daughter and breast-binding
  205. My 15 year old son came out today...
  206. I have a brother!
  207. ...and the good news is...
  208. please help me!
  209. what do I do about sleepovers?
  210. advice please - my 12 year old has told me he is gay
  211. Do I tell my father I know he's gay?
  212. When good friends are "Fundamentalists'"
  213. Help my mom
  214. step-mom to pan teen whose dad doesn't know...
  215. Resource for Christian Parents of LGBT
  216. 7 Year Old Son Has a Crush on Male Best Friend
  217. 10 yr old daughter has a crush on my friends daughter
  218. what did your parents do or not do?
  219. Trying to help my sister
  220. Well the response from my pastor was less than comforting
  221. My 11 year old sister came out as bi- help?
  222. Pronouns?!?!
  223. Gender fluid child and puberty
  224. Questioning my brother
  225. Still more heartbreak
  226. Help. My 12-year-old DD just confided in me that she is bisexual.
  227. Help with supporting my son
  228. I made a Facebook announcement
  229. First Injection
  230. Omg especially Brad the cat
  231. My son has told me he is bisexual
  232. Allys not feeling welcome
  233. I'm scared
  234. Hello!
  235. Informed consent clinics?
  236. Therapy didn't go well today
  237. Son looking at gay animal cartoon porn
  238. I don't know if I can handle the pain she'll go through
  239. Mom of 11-year-old boy who thinks he is probably gay
  240. Intro - New Parent
  241. Am i doing the right thing
  242. Helping 13 year old gay daughter
  243. Please help
  244. I finally know what is wrong
  245. Should I let her have a sleepover?
  246. Don't know where to start...
  247. Feeling angry, helpless, and clueless (with trans boyfriend)
  248. 17 year old lesbian, homophobe dad doesn't believe nor support me, need help
  249. Need some advice
  250. The bombshell..