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Intel Ivy Bridge vs Atom?

I am going to get a tablet pc once windows 8 comes out and I am sort of concerned about how much less powerful Atom is than ivy bridge. I know it dramatically increases battery life but I can live with 4 hours as opposed to 10. I couldn't find anything about the performance levels of the two but then again I'm not too well informed so do any of you guys have any more to add. Feel free to add anything; what I should/n't get...anything. Thanks a lot
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Re: Intel Ivy Bridge vs Atom?

What are you going to be doing with it?

I have an Atom based system and it is great for what I use it for. I use mine as a router, which really and Atom is overkill for.
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Re: Intel Ivy Bridge vs Atom?

Ivy Bridge is much, much, MUCH more powerful and is way faster and efficient. But it's more power consuming. But you can run apps and programs way faster and better, and they'll be more efficient. And by efficient I do not mean power efficient, I mean time efficient. The Ivy Bridge is good for more graphics intense applications, games, and graphic presentations.

An Intel Atom is just a basic, low-power CPU that drastically saves energy. But it reduces performance in certain applications. It's good for Internet browsing, email and word documents and spread sheets.

Depending on what you need the tablet for, you should make a decision. For gaming and multimedia work, Ivy Bridge is perfect. For Internet and email, Atom is perfect.
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