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Trumpetplyer's Coming Out Story
By Sarah (Trumpetplyer23)

I always thought that I was like every girl I knew. I had liked boys, thought male celebrities were hot, etc.

Then, I met a girl that completely changed my life. I knew that I liked her and that liking girls and guys meant that I was bisexual. I was pretty smart for being twelve years old, right?

I knew that I couldn't hold it all in. That if I did, the secret would slowly kill me. I knew that pretending I was straight, putting a mask on, would make me miserable.

So, I slowly started coming out to my friends. I started with my best friend at the time. I wrote her a note, passed it to her, and nearly had a heart-attack.

She was fine with it. I came out to some other friends, in the same way I came out to my first friend.

In the summer of 2006, I was going to be taking a three week long trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. I wanted to tell my mom right before I went, so she would have some time to mull it over. I slipped a note in her purse, she read it, and (I would later find out) was completely fine with it.

I was on this trip, with 41 complete strangers. They were all my age, but still, they were people I'd never met before.

I started building friendships. One of the last nights of the trip, I came out to my friend. She was, of course, fine with it. We stayed up and talked about it.

I made it back home in one piece. My parents never really got along that well. So, they were arguing with each other and I was arguing with them.

My dad wanted to take me somewhere, after we had been arguing, to show me something. While I was in the car, I came out to him.

He didn't take it very well. He got angry, asking me 'who told me that I was bi'. He turned the car around and we went home. He told my mom who played it off like she didn't know, to avoid an argument.

The next year, I came out to a few more people, including two teachers. One for support and the other to teach her a lesson that she can't be homophobic and expect to get anywhere.

After that, I went into my first year of high school. I had to make all new friends because my friends had abandoned me for vampires and things that go bump in the night.

I came out to my two current best friends, whom are fine with it. Then I came out to my friend in January 2008. I said to her "I'm bisexual. Merry Christmas." It was incredibly funny and she took it well.

In September, 2008 one of my assignments for English class was to write a speech declaring myself independent from something. I declared myself independent from homophobia.

I came out during that speech, to my entire English class. When my speech was over, I was hugged, applauded, and congratulated.

And now, everyone knows and I don't have to hide anything anymore.

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