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Letter #1

This letter was wrote by EM68 before he came out to his parents.

You can view the thread discussion here:

You can read his report on coming out here:


Dear Mom & Dad,

I am writing you this letter because I have something very important to tell you and I want to get this out right. Just so you do not get worried everything is alright. I am more than alright. For the first time in a long time I am truly happy. I love both of you so much that I can not truly express how I feel. What I want to tell you is that I am gay.

For years I have been struggling with my sexuality and a while ago came to terms with who I truly am. I feel that I can not hold onto this anymore and finally feel comfortable enough to share this part of my life with you. This letter has been written for a while, but with everything going on over the year I wanted to wait until things settled down.

I want you two to know that I am very much at ease and secure with who I am. For a long time I agonized why I was not in a relationship with a woman and was wondering what was wrong with me. For a long time I thought if I met the ‘right’ woman I would fall in love, marry, etc. After some time of soul searching I discovered what I am really looking for. Even though at times I was happy, I was not truly happy because I did not have someone in my life that I could love. Now I am very optimistic that I will not be alone.

I do not want you to blame yourself at all for this. You both have loved me more than any parents could love their son. This is just who I am. I do not know why it took me this long to come to the realization that I am gay and I am not going to look back and ask why. It is just the way that it happened. My situation is not unique. There are a number of people who later in life who discover their true self and realize that it is never too late to be happy.

Like I said before, I love you two so much. You both have always been there for me. This is another reason why I have found it so difficult to tell you until now. I am so sorry if this causes you any pain. I have prayed for a long time it does not. Mom you have told me that you are proud of me and I have grown up to be a good son. I hope you still feel this way. I am the same person as before. Nothing else has changed. If you have any questions just ask me. Like always I will be as honest with you as I can.

Your Son,


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