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Letter #3

This letter was wrote by Grof142007 before he came out to his parents.

You can view the thread discussion here:

You can read his report on coming out here:


Dear Mom and Dad,
I want to tell you something that is very important to me. I was debating whether to tell you because I am scared to death of your reaction. I hope you still love me because I love you both so much.

I am Gay. I am still the same son you knew for 18 years. No, I did not choose to be Gay. I was born this way. I know this make be a shocker to you. Please do not be disappointed. I know that this is going to take awhile for you to accept I understand. I hope that will not be to long. Please be sure to let me know how you are feeling. I do not want to lose my mind trying to figure out how you are thinking. Communication is vital for us to survive this. With this letter, I provide pamphlet that has information you might find useful. If you have any more questions that the pamphlet did not answer ask me and I will try to answer.

I am out to almost everyone that I care about but you two. The reason is that I care about you two. Both my friends said you already know. However, I doubted them so this is to be sure. I have kept this secret from you all my life. However, telling you was too risky. The reason I have decide to tell you now is I am 18 and it also national coming out day. I have plan coming out to you since the beginning of this year. I have known since way back in kindergarten. It was very hard growing up knowing that people would not like me. There was many times where I just wanted to end it all but there was people that told me other wise. Dad I think this is a reason why we do not get along. I was too afraid to open up around you and be myself. The reason is I was scared you would see the real me. In addition, I was sure you probably would not like the real me. Well that all I have to Say. Please Still Love & accept me
Love Your Son, Kevin

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